Pancake House

Nostalgic Filipino casual dining concept featuring classic and favourite comfort food since 1974.

Pancake House
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About The Brand

Pancake House is an all-day casual dining concept featuring classic Filipino recipes including fried chicken, tacos, and spaghetti beside breakfasts and pancakes in homey interiors that take you on a nostalgic-drive down memory lane. Pancake House welcomes all kinds of families with satisfying meals founded on time-tested, honest, home-cooked recipes featuring tastes, textures, and memories with the warmth of home.

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Pancake House lovingly caters a wide range of comfort food for the loyal Filipino customers, emerging as a must-go shack - morning, noon, evening and any time in-between. Whichever generation you’re from, Pancake House is always here to welcome you, like a well-loved friend. To celebrate your favorites. To create new memories. To bring home goodness.

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